Honkai Star Rail Guide: All Aeons Explored in Patch 2.1

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The article discusses the different known aeons in the game Honkai Star Rail, each representing a unique essence that influences the game's narrative and characters. It provides details about aeons such as Yaoshi, Nanook, Lan, Qlipoth, Nous, Xipe, Ix, Akivili, Aha, Fuli, Idrila, Tayz


In the mesmerizing world of Honkai Star Rail, mythical beings called aeons wander, each embodying a unique essence that influences the narrative and characters within the universe. While players can currently interact with only a select few aeons, the lore hints at a much wider array of these celestial entities. Here's a glimpse into the diverse aeons known in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Yaoshi (Abundance): Symbolizing prosperity and growth, this aeon is the embodiment of thriving life and abundant harvests.

  • Nanook (Destruction): Representing the unstoppable force of change and decay, often depicted as a chilling blizzard, this aeon embodies destruction.

  • Lan (Hunt): Celebrating the excitement of competition and pursuit, this aeon is associated with skill and unwavering determination.

  • Qlipoth (Preservation): As guardians of tradition and memory, this aeon symbolizes the enduring legacy of the past, preserving the essence of history.

  • Nous (Erudition): Masters of knowledge and wisdom, this aeon guides truth seekers and those yearning for a deeper understanding of the universe.

  • Xipe (Harmony): Advocating for balance and unity, this aeon seeks to bridge differences and foster cooperation among all entities.

  • Ix (Nihility): Enigmatic and elusive, this aeon embodies emptiness and the potential for both creation and destruction, shrouded in mystery.

  • Akivili (Trailblaze): The legendary explorer who laid the foundations of the star rails, championing curiosity and venturing into the uncharted realms of the unknown. Aha (Elation): * Brings exuberance and joy, spreading laughter and light throughout the universe.

  • Fuli (Remembrance): A gentle soul that safeguards memories and preserves the past.

  • Idrila (Beauty): Worshipped by the knights of beauty, this aeon embodies the essence of beauty.

  • Tayzzyronth (Propagation): Represents life's cycles and endless possibilities, connected to creation and rebirth.

  • Mythus (Enigmata): Masters riddles and hidden meanings, shrouded in mystery and paradox.

  • Hooh (Equilibrium): Seeks to maintain the natural balance of the universe, opposing both excess and scarcity.

  • Oroboros (Voracity): Embodies insatiable hunger and the ever-present cycle of consumption.

  • Long (Endurance): Symbolizes perseverance and resilience, conquering challenges with unwavering resolve.

  • Terminus (Finality): Associated with closure and the inevitable passage of time, representing the aeon of endings.

  • Ena (Order): Once embodied structure and organization within the aeons, absorbed by xipe.

The aeons are divided into three tiers: "the arbiters," who shape mortal destinies, "the sacrosancts," whose motives are ambiguous, and "the authors of calamity," responsible for various disasters. Some aeons have merged or been absorbed by others due to overlapping or conflicting principles.

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